picture of a biplane

Mr. Emmett Tanner's Biplane at Terminus Beach, March 1924.

Mrs. Dixie Takes to the Air

Taken from the personal handwritten notes of Dixie Clarkson Ballew who moved to Lemon Cove as a small child in 1904.

picture of Dixie Ballew in 1922

March 1922

picture of Dixie Ballew in 1982

February 1982

"On a Sunday in March of 1924 I flew over Terminus Beach with Mr. Emmett Tanner from San Francisco in a WWI double winged plane, and he did seven different stunts with it for the few hundred people at the beach to watch. He was a friend of the Charles E. Goodales. Their son, Earl Goodale had planned on going up with him, but was sick so I was asked to do the stunts with him. The most exciting was the barrel roll. As we rolled over and over, our belts didn't even get tight. The only time I knew we were upside down I could see the sun. What a thrill!"

picture of Dixie Ballew and Emmett Tanner in biplane

Dixie Clarkson Ballew with Mr. Emmett Tanner, March 1924.