2020 March Into Spring

2020 March into Spring Open House and Bake Sale

On a beautiful Saturday, March 14, we held our 2nd Annual March into Spring Event at the Clubhouse. There was a very successful bake sale/jelly sale; there was a lasagna luncheon available for the hungry; there was a wonderful roving musician (see picture above) who shared his marvelous talent all throughout the day; and of course there was the beautiful building and the history collection open for all to explore.

Dee Root as Nora Montgomery

There were 5 presentations about people and times in Lemon Cove history – a short first person reading by Dee Root all dressed and ready to portray Nora Montgomery in her younger years; a first person account of young George Williams and his life growing up as a virtual orphan in Lemon Cove; a look at the many forms of transportation and travel in and through Lemon Cove in the early 1900’s; a brief look into the life of Dixie Clarkson and her firsthand knowledge of the local Yokut Indians; and a peek into the history and creation of the Big Orange fruit stand.

Yummy Baked Goods and Jellies

If you so desired, you could attempt our “scavenger hunt” with 11 questions to which one needed to find the answers somewhere in our 'museum collection’.

Part of the Museum Collection.

It was a wonderful day. Thanks so much to all of you who attended and supported our efforts.

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